Review on the Best Tri Suits for Men

If you are a neophyte triathlete who’s considering buying a trisuit for men, there are some things you need to keep in mind. A tri suit for men must have considerable ventilation features and it must also allow for quick drying. It must be resistant to the elements, such as the chlorine and the UV rays from the sun. But most important of all, as the best trisuit reviews will undoubtedly keep reminding us, is that the tri suit must fit snugly and comfortably. Anything less than total comfort defeats the purpose of the tri suit.

You can’t just buy a medium and expect to have it exactly fit to your frame. You need to keep in mind the most important of your measurements when considering a tri suit purchase: your height, the circumference of your chest, and the circumference of your waist. Make sure that your measurements tally with the precise dimensions of the suit, especially if you can’t try it on because you’re buying it online.

Take a look and see some of the best options recommended by the best tri suit reviews 2012 has seen so far.

Pearl Izumi Men’s Elite In-r-cool Tri Suit Features

• The ELITE Transfer fabric manufactured with In–R–Cool® technology
• More efficient cooling, reflective sun protection and chlorine resistance
• Direct–Vent back panel allows for greater ventilation
• Welded hem with silicone
• Two back envelope pockets for easy access
• TRI quick–dry chamois
• Form Fit for greater support
• ELITE Aero fabric is strategically placed for superior aerodynamics
• 12-inch zipper for venting
• Color combinations available: black with safety orange, black geo, black with true red, and black with black streak

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Orca Core Race Tri Suit Men’s Features

• Tri-protect 6m thick chamois for greater shock absorbance, increased comfort, and protection against bacteria
• Two rear pockets with reflective trim for secure storage and greater visibility
• 3-coil lockable zip down center front for greater comfort and ventilation
• Twin needle elastic leg opening for greater comfort and a more secure grip
• Silicon back neck label for greater comfort and minimum irritation
• Available in Black with Castle Rock trim, Black with Amazon, and Peacoat Blue with Nautical Blue

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2XU Men’s Compression Trisuit Features

• 83% polyester and 17% elastane
• 70D/CK compression fabric for increased power and durability
• New ICE-X fabric to lower body temperature by up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit
• Machine washable, line dry, no bleach
• Made in China
• Available in basic black, or steel and gray

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TYR Men’s Competitor Trisuit – 2011 Features

• Top (80% polyester and 20% Lycra Sport) and Bottom (70% nylon and 30% Lycra Sport) makes for a very light weight, enables quick-dry use, and ensures unhindered freedom of movement
• Silicone Beaded Leg Grippers guarantees secure trisuit placement
• Back Self Pockets for small nutritional packet storage
• 10″ Locking Zipper for fast on and off use
• SPF 50 construction to protect against harmful UV rays
• Built-in Amp-Pad for continuous protection through your training and your triathlon event
• Available in black with blue trim, black with red, and black with gray

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Review on the Best Tri Suits for Women

The trisuit for women, unlike other kinds of athletic uniforms, have unique requirements. Not only do they have to look good, be comfortable, and offer support, but they also have to possess quick-drying features, resistance to chlorine and the sun, be equipped with pockets in which food bars can be placed, and be aerodynamic as well. When buying a tri suit for women online, the best trisuit reviews always mention to check the size as size labels may differ from one country to another.
Here then, according to some of the best trisuit reviews 2012 has seen so far, are some of the trisuits worthy of your consideration.

TYR Sport Women’s Solid Durafast Diamondback Workout Bikini (BDRF7) Features

• Designed with speed in mind
• Diamondback design
• Enables decreased coverage and greater support
• Made from 100% polyester
• Chlorine proof for up to 72 hours of exposure
• Engineered for beginners and elite triathletes alike
• Will last twenty times longer than standard women’s swimwear
• Offers total colorfastness and unmatched resistance to the sun
• Never ever fades
• Never loses stretch and shape
• Available in black, navy, royal, and red colors

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Pearl Izumi Women’s Elite Inrcool Tri Suit Features

• Offers excellent aerodynamics for greater speed
• Provides reflective sun protection
• Resistant to chlorine for longer-lasting use
• Excellent ventilation with direct-vent back panel
• Separate bra top provides optimum support and allows for convenient on and off access
• Additional venting with 10-inch zipper
• Integrated hem with silicone
• Two envelope pockets at the back for easy access to nutritional packages as well as other accessories
• Available in black spyro color as well as basic black with green trimmings

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Zoot Women’s Endurance Tri Race Suit Features

• Specially designed for high performance
• Endura material (80% Nylon 20% Spandex)
• Provides complete muscle support
• Optimized compressed comfort
• Minimized vibration and fatigue
• Excellent sun protection
• Has many pockets for easily accessed nutritional storage
• Well-located Ventilator mesh (83% Nylon 17% Spandex) allows for increased ventilation and greater support
• 12-inch cam lock zipper with soft finish binding
• Integra SPR pad construction
• FREEband gripper for comfortable, non-restrictive leg hem
• SeamLink stitch construction for next-to-skin comfort
• Comes in black color as well as in Virtual Pink and Fuel, Tropic and Green Lantern, Indigo and Ice color combinations

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2XU Women’s Endurance Trisuit Features

• Designed for superb versatile use in both sprint and extended triathlon races
• Features advanced ICE X fabric which allows for quicker drying and more efficient body cooling resulting in the body temperature to be decreased by up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit
• Suit panels made with the latest 70D Kinetic Speed fabric, which provides excellent aerodynamics for increased speed on the tri bike
• Fabric also provides compression of the muscles for increased endurance and power production
• Women will appreciate the triathlon chamois made from Italy, which offers greater support on the tri bike
• Chamois also preserves modesty for the running segment of the race.
• Integrated shelf bra for better support
• Flat lock stitching
• Silicone leg grippers
• Rear pockets for storage of food essentials
• Contoured paneling for comfort and speed
• Available in color combinations such as royal blue with gray trimmings, steel with white, and basic black on black

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Triathlon Cycling Shoes Reviews: Best Triathlon Cycling Shoes 2012 for Men and Women


Triathletes are a perfectionist lot, which is understandable given that they are trying to master three sports all a t the same time. To help them improve their performance, they need specialized equipment for each segment of the race. For the cycling portion, that doesn’t mean just great tri bikes, but also superb triathlon cycling shoes for men and women.

Here are some of the best triathlon cycling shoes 2012 is offering for the dedicated triathlete:

  Shimano SH-TR31 Men’s Triathlon Cycling Shoes Review

• Lightweight glass fiber sole reinforced with polyamide to maintain both stiffness and compliance
• Dual layer mesh for great breathability
• Reversed strap closure and heel strap to enable quick transitions
• Quick-dry seamless interior for sockless comfort
• Reinforced heel cup and outsole pads for better protection
• Only available in sizes ranging from 36 to 48

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Pearl iZUMi Men’s TRI Fly III Cycling Shoes Review

• Nylon composite fiber plate
• Direct-Vent technology
• Fully-lined mesh upper for sockless foot comfort
• Anatomic TRI Closure prevents hot spots
• Built-in Longitudinal Arch Support
• Insole provides great arch support (longitudinal and transverse)


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 Shimano 2012 Women’s Road/Triathlon Cycling Shoes – SH-WT52 Review

• The heel cup reinforced with chloroprene to maintain heel structure
• Supple synthetic leather and 3D mesh for Moisture control
• Oversized strap design for faster transitions and a more secure fit
• Specifically fitted as triathlon cycling shoes for women
• Close-to-foot fit last
• Sole made from hollow lightweight carbon fiber composite
• Extremely lightweight

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These triathlon cycling shoes differ only in the sizes and colors in which they are available, but their performances—especially at their reasonable process—are superb. They all provide what a great pair of triathlon cycling shoes needs to possess in order to assist the triathletes in their endeavors.

Cyclists of all kinds have certain requirements in the shoes they wear while pedaling. First of all, the sole must be solid, strong, and rigid. The solidity of the sole prevents any sort of power dissipation from your feet to the pedal and makes full use of your pedaling efforts.

It is also important to have a good fit at the heel and toe, and a snug fit around the foot. For your comfort, there should be padding around your ankle. This also secures the shoe firmly to your foot and prevents any extra foot movement inside the shoe; this provides greater efficiency and prevents friction that can cause hot feet.

All these shoes provide all these requirements, but they also offer features that triathletes specifically need. None of them have any laces so that fast transitions between events can be made. They are all comfortable when worn without socks, as the wearing of socks take up too much time. And they all have features that allow the water from the preceding swimming portion to drain away from the feet.
These shoes are among the best as they do all that, at affordable prices.

Triathlon Bike Reviews: GMC Denali Road Bike

The name of the model is a dead giveaway that it is not a tri bike. Made by the same fellows who gave us the GMC truck, the GMC Denali Road Bike is perfect for those who want a very inexpensive way to go from point A to Point B on a bike. For those who are simply curious about triathlons and who don’t have neighbors from whom they can borrow a two-wheeled vehicle (and who would not rather fork out $10000 for a great bike just to satisfy this need to know), this bike is just about right.

Many triathlon bike reviews mention that a beginner can get a lot from this bike as long as some necessary tweaking is performed, so if you are a newbie and wondering what triathlon bike to get, you should consider the Denali Road Bike as your entry-level bike.

See more customer reviews here.

Triathlon Bike Reviews: GMC Denali Road Bike Features

• Truly affordable. Take my word for it.
• Available in a variety of sizes and colors
• Lightweight frame made from aluminum
• Alloy calipers and brake levers
• Shifts and derailleur from Shimano, for easy gear changes through the 21 available speeds
• Sturdy tires

Triathlon Bike Reviews: GMC Denali Road Bike Evaluation

The price does jump out at you at first glance, but your fears are unfounded if you are expecting a truly horrible bike. In fact, it’s quite nice and looks great, and can be used for a variety of purposes. There may not be another bike in its price range that can compare favorably with this particular model. True triathlon bikes are much more expensive so unless you have a fortune to spare, this ought to be your choice as the best triathlon bike for beginners.

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If you will be using it for a triathlon, it is recommended that you bring to a bike shop beforehand for some crucial modifications. The GMC Denali Road Bike can go fast, but according to some of the best triathlon bike reviews, with a few upgrades (such as replacing the seat and the brakes) it may even perform better.
In conclusion, you won’t find this particular model included among those listed in the best triathlon bike reviews 2012 triathletes can use. This is understandable, as you can’t expect to pay rock-bottom prices for superior performance.

But this can be viewed as a simple—and inexpensive—test investment. Once you’ve ridden your first sprint triathlon you would then be faced with a most crucial decision: is the triathlon really for you? Do you have the drive and the time to dedicate to the sport, and to the training that it requires? Do you have that fierce desire to excel, so much so that you would be willing to part with thousands of dollars to shave precious seconds off just one segment in a race that features three events?

If you do, and if that first taste of what a triathlon event could be has given you a burning desire to be better, then you can go on to buy a better bike.

But if not, then at least you still have a bike for you and your entire family to enjoy or to just use for errands. Every now and then you can even use it for triathlons whenever you feel like it. Practicality is what the GMC Denali Road Bike exudes, and if you are a practical fellow as well then it’s a perfect match.